Mint your Ethereum NFTs on Bitcoin

Using our tool you can mint Ethereum NFTs, which you own, as Bitcoin Ordinals, essentially creating an authorised copy of your NFT which you can hold or sell independently of your original NFT.

You can also register the Bitcoin Ordinal in our permission less Ethereum smart contract which links the Ordinal to your NFT forever and proves its authenticity.

  • Sign up and connect your Ethereum wallet(s), we support for your safety
  • Select which NFTs from your wallets you want to mint on Bitcoin
  • Pay the minting fee (0.1-0.3ETH on average, depending on your NFT image size)
  • Wait for the minting to complete and register the newly minted Ordinal IDs in a permission less smart contract, which serves as the global registry of Ordinal equivalents of Ethereum NFTs
  • List your Bitcoin Ordinals on our exchange BitColl for sale, or withdraw them

  • You don't need to do any signing with your wallet
  • First you're only sending a payment transaction to pay fees for minting, can be done from any wallet
  • And then you'll be calling our safe smart contract to register your Ordinal IDs - has to be done from the wallet containing the NFTs, since the contract ensures that only the owner of the NFT can register it